Lee Jun Ho and YoonA’s chemistry draws positive response to “King the Land” after second episode

“King the Land” is amassing positive feedback from viewers.

King the Land” is taking over fan community forums such as Theqoo. In the first episode, the series was not an instant fan favorite as it was criticized for rehashing old ideas that could be found in a drama from 20 years ago, said a netizen. However, when the second episode was aired, viewers are having second thoughts.

king the land

This is because the plot is heading towards a better direction than initially expected. Moreover, the leading actors – Lee Jun Ho and YoonA – are capturing attention with overflowing chemistry within each scene. Moreover, with appropriate humor and the right comedic timing, “King the Land” is keeping the viewers from switching off the drama.

king the land

“King the Land” is a romantic-comedy drama directed by Lim Hyun Wook and penned by Choi Rom. It tells the story of Gu Won (Lee Jun Ho), the heir of the King Group. He has a knack for running and managing a hotel business. He lives by the rules and hates anyone who has a fake smile.

On the other hand, Cheon Sa Rang (YoonA) is a hotelier of the King Hotel where Gu Won is the general manager. She has an interesting personality and always keeps a smile on her face.

king the land

Now that the audience knows there is more to the drama, they are looking forward to its next development.

“King the Land” airs every Saturday and Sunday on JTBC and Netflix.

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