Lee Jong Suk and the time he played characters with unfortunate life

Most of the roles in Lee Jong Suk played through out his career have unfortunate fates

Lee Jong Suk is likened to a “character coming out of a comic” because of his good looks. However, throughout his career, he often chooses to play characters with unfortunate fates.

Surely many people still remember the male lead role that helped Lee Jong Suk step into the ranks of the top Korean actors in I Hear Your Voice, right?

He played a high school boy named Park Soo Ha, who has the special ability to hear other people’s thoughts. However, this special ability caused him great suffering. Always hearing other people’s thoughts, his world was always very noisy and he of course didn’t like it.

Moreover, the day he got that special ability was also the day Soo Ha lost his only relative – his father. His life went through many ups and downs, and later he almost lost the girl he loved the most. Park Soo Ha has always been the most impressive character in Lee Jong Suk’s career.

In Doctor Stranger, Lee Jong Suk’s journey of suffering continues. His character Park Hoon is a doctor. As a child, he was taken to North Korea, as an adult, and then from North Korea to South Korea with mysteries and a painful past. He continues to lose his father and is also caught up in a huge political conspiracy.

In Pinocchio, Lee Jong Suk played Choi Dal Po, a passionate and upright intern reporter. However, Choi Dal Po has a complicated past because he is both an orphan and separated from his brother. His father was smeared by the media and became a criminal. Despite being adopted, he never forgot the hurt from his past.

Lee Jong Suk then played Kang Chul in W. Kang Chul is a comic character who is handsome, rich, and has a talent for shooting. However, due to the author’s intention, he was suspected of being the killer that killed his whole family. 

Kang Chul is a webtoon character whose fate is totally in the hands of the webtoon author. He is not even a real person, so he went through even more struggles. To push the drama to its climax, the screenwriter of “W” continued to give Kang Chul a hard time. 

In “While You Were Sleeping” and “Romance Is A Bonus Book”, perhaps Lee Jong Suk’s characters are the least “miserable”. He escaped the trope of losing family members and loved ones, but he still went through difficulties in relationships. 

With “Big Mouth”, Lee Jong Suk’s turbulent life on the small screen once again continues. This time, he no longer portrays a genius with a supernatural ability. Lee Jong Suk’s character Park Chang Ho in “Big Mouth” is only a third-grade lawyer with a winning rate in court of only 10%. 

Park Chang Ho still fortunately has a beautiful and supportive wife who has his back. However, his peaceful life does not last long. “Big Mouth” has just started but Park Chang Ho has already been dragged into a mysterious case, where he gets framed as the criminal Big Mouse and ends up in jail. 

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