Lee Jin Ho reveals, “Lee Seung Gi’s teacher Lee Sun Hee also receives no money from digital song releases”

While netizens are questioning whether Lee Sun Hee knew about Lee Seung Gi’s issues, it was claimed that she did not receive music revenue settlements either. 

Reporter-turned-Youtuber Lee Jin Ho said on November 25th, “Lee Seung Gi is not the only artist who has not received any settlement from HOOK. Lee Sun Hee did not receive it either”.

Lee Sun Hee is a famous singer with many hit songs, such as “Ah! The Old Days”, “I Always Miss You”, “To J”, “Beautiful Scenery”, etc. 

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“Fate”, “Wind Flower” and “Fox Rain” are also representative songs in Lee Sun Hee’s singing career. With “Meet Him Among Them”, Lee Sun Hee got “All Kill” on music charts and proved her unchanging reputation as a top vocalist.

Lee Jin Ho said, “Lee Sun Hee has several hit songs, but she also did not receive any money from her music releases”, adding “This part has already been confirmed by data and records”.

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He claimed, “It’s like an extension of the 18-year slave music career of Lee Seung Gi, who is the center of controversies”.

The Youtuber explained, “As a result of my confirmation with some officials, Lee Sun Hee was not aware of the idea of ‘digital music revenue settlement’”, adding “The issue of music revenue settlement was raised due to Lee Seung Gi’s controversy. Only then did she get the perception of related information.”

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Lee Jin Ho added, “Here is what Lee Sun Hee told the officials I knew. She said, ‘Since I entered HOOK Entertainment, no one has ever told me that profits from digital releases should be shared with the singer. I thought music revenue is considered the company’s profit and it is not shared with the singer’”.

Lee Jin Ho also explained that Lee Sun Hee was not in a position to interfere with Lee Seung Gi’s music settlement. 

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However, it is said that Lee Sun Hee’s appearance fees for performances and events, excluding the digital release revenue, have been properly settled. In addition, she doesn’t have any plan to raise issues with the company regarding the music revenue settlement. 

Source: Insight 

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