Lee Ji Ah drew controversy after announcing her role in “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”: Image and acting were almost the same as in “Penthouse,” fans wondered if she would ever show a new aspect of her acting 

Fans worried Lee Ji Ah would “repeat” herself in this comeback drama. 

The “Penthouse fever” immediately brought Lee Ji Ah to a new height and made the actress a sought-after name in the field. After serious consideration, the actress is set to return with tvN’s “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise,” a revenge drama starring herself and Lee Sang Yoon. 

The series’ poster 

In the series, Lee Ji Ah plays Hong Tae Ra, a woman with a seemingly picture-perfect life with her husband Pyo Jae Hyun and an adorable daughter. What troubles Tae Ra is that she cannot recall anything from the past. Yet, once she does, secrets come to light and her life is never the same as before. To protect what she treasures the most, Tae Ra is forced to join a revenge battle to become the most powerful person among the Korean elites. 

Lee Ji Ah

Despite being a tvN production, the series cannot separate itself from SBS’ “Penthouse,” in both character’s image and plot. The similarity in such minor details as hairdo and lipstick color draws negative response from the public, saying that Ji Ah is holding too tight on the previous success and isn’t trying to “renew” herself or “experiment” with other roles. 

Uhm Ki Joon Lee Ji Ah
The released stills reminded the audience of Ju Dan Tae and Shim Su Ryeon from “Penthouse” 

Netizens’ reactions: 

  • I thought that was “Penthouse” season 4, even the lipstick color was similar 
  • I wish Lee Ji Ah would do a different role 
  • Lee  Ji Ah has not been able to break away from her previous shadow 

While nothing is certain, the audience is sure to want a look at Lee Ji Ah’s different side on-screen, one that is distinguishable from her role in “Penthouse.” 

Source: k14

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