Lee Je Hoon’s commercial video turned Mom Cafe upside down

There is a growing “controversy” on Mom Cafe over actor Lee Je Hoon’s growth supplement advertisement.

On May 14th, a post titled “Why does Lee Je Hoon wink while advertising children’s growth supplement?” was uploaded on Naver Mom Cafe.

The author caused laughter by saying, “Why does (Lee Je Hoon) wink while advertising growth supplement ‘Icle Time’? I don’t know about children’s height growth, but my heart grows.

lee je hoon

Last month, Lee Je Hoon was selected as a brand model for Do Dream’s “Icle Time”, a health functional food for children’s height growth.

An official from Do Dream said, “We selected actor Lee Je Hoon since his bright and positive image matches the brand image.

Netizens commented, “Moms are decision makers. They definitely want to buy it (after seeing the CF)“, “Because moms are the ones who buy growth supplement“, “This is an advertisement targeting mothers“…

This post started to draw attention on several online communities, especially theqoo.

lee je hoon

On May 16th, a post was uploaded on theqoo under the title “Post of a Mom Cafe member who saw Lee Je Hoon’s growth supplement advertisement”. The author posted a wink photo of advertising model Lee Je Hoon along with a capture photo of Mom Cafe.

theqoo users showed reactions such as “Mom Cafe members are really funny“, “As expected, moms pay for it“, “I don’t know the meaning of the advertisement, but I’ll buy it“…

Source: Wikitree

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