Lee Hyori, What Was Her Father Like That She Resents Her Mother for Not Protecting Her?

Singer Lee Hyori confessed her upset feelings towards her mother for not protecting her during her childhood

On the June 30th episode of JTBC’s variety show “Mom, Do You Want to Go on a Trip Alone?”, the sixth episode continued with Lee Hyori and her mother’s journey from Gyeongju to Geoje.

During the episode, Lee Hyori brought up past issues with her mother, but her mother refused to discuss it, saying, “Let’s stop. The main topic of this trip has been our arguments. We’ve talked enough about it.

Later, lying side by side with her mother, Lee Hyori confessed, “Today, I realized something about my feelings. I finally understood what the wound inside me was. Do you know what it is? I thought it was because of dad, but it’s not. It’s because of you, mom.”

lee hyori

When her mother asked why, Lee Hyori responded, “I often wished you had taken me and gone somewhere.” To this, her mother explained, “I didn’t have the ability. How could I support 4 people without your dad’s help?

Lee Hyori asked, “You knew it would be hard for me, right?” Her mother replied, “I knew, but there was nothing I could do.” Lee Hyori then expressed, “That’s what I disliked. That still makes me sad.”

When her mother tried to end the conversation, saying she wanted to go home, Lee Hyori insisted, “You said you wanted to hear me out.” She then reiterated that the root cause was her mother, saying, “You didn’t protect me.”

Her mother repeatedly explained, “There was nothing I could do. Where could I have taken you?” Lee Hyori responded, “Someone I don’t love can’t hurt me. I hate seeing the person I love being so powerless and weak. I had resentment, thinking that you could have improved my childhood environment somehow.”

Finally, Lee Hyori shared her inner thoughts, revealing her deep-seated feelings and the pain she still carries.

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