“Such a serious topic” what Lee Hyori told a fan who was going to have a transgender surgery

Lee Hyori’s warm advice to a fan who is about to go through gender transition process: “Let’s be sisters”

On W Korea‘s official YouTube channel, a video titled “Lee Hyori’s golden prescription? Just One Ten Minute. Problem solved in 10 minutes! Hyori’s Counseling Center OPEN!” was uploaded. 

In the video, Lee Hyori read the concerns sent by her fans and gave her advice prescription that suits each concern. First of all, when a 32-year-old woman said she was stressed by her relationships at work, Lee Hyori said, “Human relationships are still hard to me even now,” adding, “What I try to feel these days is that ‘I have what I hate of the people that I hate. That person is my mirror. I think that person came to me so I can fix that part, and that’s why we are led to meet each other. I tend to reflect on myself, saying, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t do that,’ as if I’m the person that they hate. As I refine myself, I feel more comfortable as I feel less like that person,” she said, giving advice from her own experience. 

Lee Hyori

Next, she read the story of a person quitting her job at the age of 39 after 10 years and thinking about whether to try a new job. Lee Hyori said, “Life is not about doing something just because people say you have to do it.” “I want you to spend it like you’re watching to see how the rest of your 30s will go rather than making plans,” she laughed. 

“If you had done something for about 10 years, you would have accumulated many know-how and settled down in the job. Wouldn’t it be better to deepen your efforts in the matter? It’s not a bad idea to do something that you are more comfortable in than trying something you weren’t confident about.” 

Lee Hyori said, “I got married at 36, went down to Jeju Island, and spent my years until 39-year-old to stay in Jeju Island to train and refine myself. I lived such a busy life in my 20s and 30s that I started taking care of my health and myself when I am approaching 40s,” she said, reflecting on her 30s. 

Lee Hyori

She then handed a prescription to the concerned fans saying, “I regret everything no matter what I do,” and said, “It’s good to always remember only the good things about people, but it seems normal to always be disappointed. So do I. I think all the women who look good are also regretting but still living their life”. 

Lee Hyori then answered honestly that she was getting older. She said, “Sometimes I do think that everyone will eventually get old and it’s good to get old beautifully. But sometimes I think “Why is my face so old? Where did my beauty when I was young go?” and I was sad. Sometimes, I do this and that and suddenly think about those things. When we get older, we definitely get depressed in many ways. However, there is no way to avoid getting old, so I think it will be beneficial for our mental health to just accept it.” 

She added, “I saw a comment saying ‘Why am I the only one who gets old? Why isn’t she getting old?’ Celebrities need photoshop and lighting, too. Nobody can defy the passing of time. If you live a healthy life, you can age less, but there’s no way to avoide getting old.”

Lee Hyori

To an 18-year-old high school student who is worried about not having a dream, Lee Hyori confessed, “Most of us don’t seem to start with a clear dream. Sometimes we find our dreams after 30 or 40 years old. I sometimes wonder if I need to have a dream. I feel grateful for living a life as if it’s flowing naturally and I’m eating well.”

She also read the story of a fan who went under gender transition process from male to female. Lee Hyo-ri cheered for the fan’s surgery, “Society’s gaze has become a little more comfortable than before. There must be great difficulties for you to feel. I hope the surgery goes well and we can meet in good health. Now we can be close sisters.”

Finally, Lee Hyori said, “People think I’m deep inside, but I still have a lot of worries and mistakes. I’m a person who lives while learning life, and I’ll try my best to become a comfortable person like a friend to you while comforting you and growing up together.”

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