Lee Hyo-ri Talks About Moving Moving From Jeju To Seoul After 11 Years & Non-makeup Selfie

Broadcaster Park Myung-soo met junior singer Lee Hyo-ri and became closer after sharing various sincere talks

On June 14th, Park Myung-soo’s YouTube channel “Halmyungsoo” uploaded a new video titled “Never thought I’d be happy to see… HyoriㅣHalmyungsoo ep.187”. Lee Hyo-ri, who has shown great entertainment skills that amazed MC Yoo Jae-suk, said, “I’m going straight back to Jeju when I’m done. I saw NewJeans and this show is pretty popular nowadays. NewJeans, IVE, IU came too. How did this happen’.”

Park Myung-soo shyly said, “A lot of subscribers help us out. I’ve been popular in the idol world”, adding “But Hyo-ri, it’s a bit iffy to act like we’re filming. I haven’t really called you Hyori”.

lee hyori-park myung soo

Referring to the song “10 Minute”, which is still so well-loved after 26 years, Park Myung-soo suggested Lee Hyo-ri made a re-debut. In response, Lee Hyo-ri shook her head, saying “The past me is what people are expecting but my stomach’s all wrinkly now. So how am I supposed to go out in a crop top?”.

Lee Hyo-ri, who is preparing to move to Seoul 11 years after her marriage, Lee Hyo-ri shared, “I am upset. When I first decided to move, I was sad for a month. Thinking of leaving made every bird sound, forests, and beaches even more precious”.

Mentioning the viral term “Won-young’s Thinking”, Park Myung-soo also revealed his way of thinking, saying “Try till you die”. Lee Hyo-ri commented, “What? I’m so exhausted. Do I need to try till I die? But I’m so tired”. 

lee hyori-park myung soo

She continued, “Sang-soon (her husband) told me to assume everyone’s weird. If they turn out to be fine, that’s good. If not, just be like ‘of course’. He told me this because I think the opposite way. I tend to see everyone in a good light.”

Revealing that she had couple fights with Lee Sang-soon at the beginning of their marriage, Lee Hyo-ri said, “I don’t speak when I’m in a bad mood. I text if I have to say something”.

Lee Hyo-ri also talked about when she received praise for being “confident” and “courageous” after posting a selfie without makeup. The female singer said, “Isn’t that an insult? I mean I just posted my face, why is it called brave? They always take that out, ‘She’s so old and she’s proud of it’. That’s what they mean”, drawing laughter.

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