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Lee Hyo-ri shares, “I saw IU doing fanservice to her fans at the airport and reflected on myself” (Seoul Check-in)

Lee Hyo-ri was seen talking to fans at her photo exhibition on TVing’s entertainment show “Seoul Check-in”, which aired on July 1st.

Seeing fans show enthusiastic reactions to all of her actions and comments, Lee Hyo-ri said, “You even like it when I curse. You guys are a bit weird”. Fans then replied, “We’re crazy kids. If we want to come here, we need proof of support or owning everything from your 1st to 6th albums. The competition is fierce.”

Lee Hyo-ri then said, “Isn’t that too harsh? What about people who don’t have money?”. In response, fans demanded, “So please hold fanmeetings more often. We’re making a lot of money now.”

Lee Hyo-ri continued, “Tell me everything you want me to do”, adding, “I reflected on myself a little. I heard IU buys things like candies for her fans who come to the airport. I also did it once when I felt like it. I decided to do that every time because I didn’t take pictures.”

lee hyori seoul check in

Fans said, “Unnie, we know you don’t like going to the airport”, adding, “My friend who is working at Jeju Airport once told me ‘Hyo-ri noona is here’. Then I said, ‘Don’t pretend you know something. I said she doesn’t like it.’”, drawing laughter. 

lee hyori seoul check in

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