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Lee Hyo-ri reveals the reason why she couldn’t resume her SNS activities

Singer and broadcaster Lee Hyo-ri confessed why she could not resume her SNS (social media) activities. Lee Hyo-ri left Instagram in September 2020 and stopped all SNS activities.

Lee Hyo-ri had a conversation with comedian Park Na-rae about her SNS activities on the entertainment show “Seoul Check-in“, which was released on the OTT platform TVING on April 8th.

Referring to the incident she experienced last year, Park Na-rae said, “I tried to delete SNS as many things happened. I watched all of your reality shows. Didn’t you quit SNS while doing makeup? Did you regret it after deleting SNS?”

Lee Hyo-ri advised, “Don’t delete it. Don’t you have to work? Deleting it doesn’t mean that the incident will go away. You just have to do well in the future. I don’t think I would have erased it when I was active. I actually want to open it again, but I can’t because I’m embarrassed.”

Lee Hyo-ri also recommended Park Na-rae to keep her SNS private first, control her emotions then resume SNS activities. She continued, “It’s to protect yourself, so what’s the problem?”

Lee Hyo-ri took a break from her SNS activities after being attacked by Chinese people in September 2020. At the time, she was criticized for demeaning Mao Zedong, the first president of China, by mentioning “Mao” as her sub-character’s stage name on the entertainment program “Hangout with Yoo“.

In response, the production team explained, “We did not intend to disparage a specific person”, but Chinese netizens continued to criticize.

In the end, as the controversy continued, Lee Hyo-ri decided to close SNS, saying, “The recent incident’s impact is not that much. SNS is a space where I wanted to communicate with fans who are always thirsty for news because I don’t have many activities, but I receive a lot of attention and it’s not easy for me. I’ll consider other ways of communication.

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