Lee Hyo-ri: “I got hit by Tony Ahn’s manager… In the past, touching ‘butt’ was common”

Former Fin.K.L member Lee Hyo-ri talked about her tough career in the entertainment industry.

On the April 15th broadcast of TVING’s “Seoul Check-in“, Lee Hyo-ri, Kim Jong-min, Shinji, DinDin and Eun Ji-won traveled to the ski resort.

They talked about the past and recalled memories in the car moving to the ski resort.

When DinDin said “I heard there used to be such a thing. When you go to an event, there are gangsters”, Shinji nodded and explained, “They did this so that you wouldn’t go to other establishments.”

Koyote Shinji and Kim Jong-min, who often attended events, confessed that it was common for “fruits” and “wet towels” to fly onto the stage, and fans even touched their bodies.

Lee Hyo-ri showed great sympathy.

She recalled, “We often passed through fans. Then they touched my butt and took off my wig. In the past, there were a lot of things like that.”

She also mentioned that she had been assaulted.

Lee Hyori

When asked by DinDin “Were you assaulted by women?” Shinji replied, “Yes. They told me ‘Why don’t you say hello?’ then did that.”

Meanwhile, Lee Hyo-ri surprised everyone by mentioning the incident that she was hit by H.O.T. Tony‘s manager.

Lee Hyo-ri, who explained that H.O.T.‘s accommodation was right next to her school, said, “I was in front of the dormitory and got hit by the manager’s fluorescent lamp. I was standing there and when H.O.T. members came out, I just went closer, saying, ‘Wow~’.”

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