Lee Hyo-ri, “I don’t use much cosmetics… I only put on hand cream, then put the remaining cream on my face and go to sleep”

Lee Hyo-ri appeared on the show “Seoul Check-In” and revealed that she doesn’t do skincare.

The broadcast of TVing’s pilot entertainment show “Seoul Check-In” released on January 29th showed Lee Hyo-ri, who lives in Jeju Island, going to Seoul for a 3-day schedule. On the same day of the rehearsal schedule for “MAMA”, Lee Hyo-ri went to the accommodation where Uhm Jung-hwa was staying while her house was under construction. 

Lee Hyo-ri

The two drank alcohol and shared honest talks about their hardships when appearing on the stage as seniors and female singers in the entertainment industry. The two were scheduled to attend MAMA the next day. While Lee Hyo-ri was taking a sip of alcohol, Uhm Jung-hwa said, “Your face doesn’t swell up?”. Lee Hyo-ri replied, “I will be swollen”, adding, “My face swells a lot”.

Lee Hyo-ri

Uhm Jung-hwa expressed her worries about Lee Hyo-ri’s skin condition, saying, “You don’t even do skincare, right?”. Lee Hyo-ri answered, “Not really. I think I should put on masks when going to sleep”. Uhm Jung-hwa then showed her massage device and advised Lee Hyo-ri to use it to take care of her skin. Lee Hyo-ri surprised everyone as she said, “I don’t use much cosmetics”, adding, “I put on hand cream, then put the remaining cream on my face and go to sleep”.

Lee Hyo-ri
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