Lee Honey rushed to marry non-celebrity boyfriend due to 4-month pregnancy

Actress Lee Honey has entered her fourth month of pregnancy, which is a double celebration for her following winning the Top Excellence Award at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards.

On January 16, Saram Entertainment, Lee Honey’s agency, revealed that the actress is pregnant with her first child and is resting. Initially, it was incorrectly reported that she was five months pregnant, but the agency confirmed that she was four months pregnant.

The agency told Newsen, “A precious new life has come to actress Lee Honey. She is currently in her fourth month of pregnancy and is scheduled to give birth in June. Please understand that we couldn’t tell you in advance to keep the stability of the mother and the baby’s condition. We ask for warm-hearted congratulations and blessings to actress Lee Ha-ni and her future child.”

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This news also revealed why Lee Honey hurried to marry A, the office worker she had been dating. Lee Honey left for the U.S. with him after announcing her romantic relationship in November last year. On December 21, a wedding pledge ceremony instead of a wedding was held in Seoul with only family members, and after the ceremony was completed, the surprise announcement was made through official statements. She was pregnant at the time of confirming her relationship, but she did not disclose it publicly for the stability ofher and her baby.

The congratulatory message from Lee Honey‘s mother, Gayageum master Moon Jae-sook, also attracts attention. Moon Jae-sook and Lee Honey appeared together as mother and daughter on TV Chosun’s “Star Documentary My Way,” which aired in November last year.

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At that time, Moon Jae-sook handed over her jewelry ring to Lee Honey and recommended she give birth to a child. Moon Jae-sook said, “A person who lives happily is a successful person. Work as much as you’re happy. I hope you can enjoy happiness as a woman. “I want to see Honey having children and living happily by entering another world (of having a family).”

Following her Top Excellence Award, the pregnancy is considered a double celebration for Lee Honey. Last year, she shined in the SBS drama “One the Woman,” and won the Top Excellence Award for an Actress in a Mini-Series (Romance/Comedy) category at the 2021 SBS Drama Awards held at Prism Tower in Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul on December 31 last year.

honey lee

At that time, Lee Honey expressed her affection for her husband by referring to her secret marriage. Lee Honey said, “A good thing happened a while ago, and I want to thank my half who will be with me for the rest of my life and share my joy.”

Lee Honey is won the Miss Korea competition in 2006 and made her debut in the entertainment industry after ranking fourth in Miss Universe.

Since then, she has gained acting experience by appearing in SBS’s “Please Come Back, Mister,” “The Fiery Priest,” “One the Woman,” movies “The Bros,” “Extreme Job,” and “Black Money.”


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