Lee Ha Nee transforms into a top star who retires after getting criticized for bad acting in “Killing Romance”

The movie “Killing Romance” released its trailer, hinting at a fresh comedy by Lee Sun Kyun, Lee Ha Nee, and Gong Myung.

On March 27th, “Killing Romance” released the main poster and trailer, raising viewers’ anticipation ahead of its premiere on April 14th.

lee ha nee

The movie depicts the story of top star Yeo Rae (Lee Ha Nee), who suddenly announces her retirement after falling in love with Jonathan (Lee Sun Kyun), a chaebol living on an island, meeting Beom Woo (Gong Myung), a member from her fan club’s third generation recruitment, and plotting a fantastic comeback plan together.

The main poster unveiled different charms of the characters. Lee Ha Nee shows off the aura of top star Yeo Rae in a classic look, while Lee Sun Kyun becomes a “face genius” and Kwalla Island’s chaebol Jonathan. Meanwhile, Gong Myung appears as the lonely college test taker Beom Woo, who is a member of Yeo Rae’s 3rd generation fanclub. Looking like they have become models in a famous painting, the three actors are expected to captivate the audience with their irresistible charms this spring.

lee ha nee

Through the main trailer released together with the poster, fans can catch a glimpse of the fresh challenge presented by director Lee Won Seok. The first video, which contains the worldview of “Killing Romance”, overwhelms the viewer from the beginning as it was completed under the motto of creating a movie that has never been seen before.

lee ha nee

The trailer starts with the OST “Yeorae-ism”, a rewritten version of Rain’s “Rainism”, playing after a somewhat shocking advertisement video. It depicts Yeo Rae, who was loved as a top star in advertisements and movies but then got criticized by the whole nation due to only one failed work. The trailer continues with Yeo Rae’s love story with Jonathan, who saved her with love, with a fairytale-like happy ending. However, as Jonathan’s crazy obsession is revealed, a new suspense story of “Killing Romance” continues. Yeo Rae’s decision to make a comeback and Beom Woo’s performance as a helper are also highlighted, raising viewers’ expectations.

“Killing Romance” will blow a fresh wind to the theaters this wind when greeting viewers on April 14th.

Source: Daum

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