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Lee Dong-wook pointed out male actors who would definitely get cast on “I Am SOLO” if there is a special episode for celebrities 

The remarks of actor Lee Dong-wook, who is still single, about the famous dating program “I Am SOLO” are being re-examined by netizens.

Lee Dong-wook appeared in the 48th episode of the web entertainment show “Turkids on the Block”, which was released in May.

In the video, MC Lee Yong-jin wondered when Lee Dong-wook, who has turned 42 years old this year, would get married.

Lee Yong-jin said, “Other actors your age aren’t getting married so the average age to get married is increasing”.

“Recently Hyun Bin got married”, Lee Yong-jin said and mentioned Kang Dong-won and Ha Jung-woo as actors in their 40s who have not married yet. 

Turkids on the Block

Lee Dong-wook said, “Out of my friends, there’s Lee Jin-uk. There’s Kim Ji-seok, too”. The actor then emphasized, “But perhaps I should get married before I turn 50”.

At this time, Lee Yong-jin said, “What if all those people get together and make an actor’s version of ‘I Am SOLO’?”

Lee Dong-wook smiled softly and agreed, “I think it will be fun.”

Lee Yong-jin asked if he liked any of the pseudonyms in ‘I’m Solo’, and Lee Dong-wook replied, “Young-soo”.

Lee Yong-jin laughed, saying, “Young-soo is 42 years old.”

Meanwhile, Lee Dong-wook made his debut in 1999 with MBC’s ‘Best Theater – There’s a World Outside the Road’. He has appeared in multiple dramas such as KBS2 ‘Partner’, SBS ‘Scent of a Woman’, KBS2 ‘Iron Man’, tvN ‘Goblin’, ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’ and movies like ‘The Beauty Inside’ and ‘Happy New Year’.

‘I Am SOLO’, mentioned by Lee Dong-wook, is a hyper-realistic dating program that has the participation of single men and women who long for marriage gather and struggle to find love.

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