Lee Chan Hyuk drew attention with his unique appearance on Jay Park’s show as the first guest

AKMU Lee Chan Hyuk caught the eyes of netizens with his unexpected appearance at Jay Park’s new program “Drive”.

Lee Chan Hyuk showed up on the stage of KBS 2TV’s “The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive” (hereinafter referred to as “Drive”), which aired on February 5th, as the first guest.

Ahead of Lee Chan Hyuk’s stage, MC Jay Park (Park Jae Beom) said, “I thought about trying many new things after becoming the MC of this program. So this person came to my mind first”. As soon as Lee Chang Hyuk appeared, Jay Park reacted “What are you doing?” in shock.

Lee Chan Hyuk

It is because Lee Chan Hyuk, whom he had just introduced, walked down the stage from the audience seats. Amid enthusiastic cheers and applause from the audience, Lee Chan Hyuk walked slowly to the stage with an emotionless face. Jay Park commented, “What? Why are you acting like that so suddenly?”.

Lee Chan Hyuk performed representative songs from his first solo full album, “Eyewitness Account” and “Panorama”. He aroused enthusiastic responses with his serious expressions and unique dance.

After finishing his performance, Lee Chan Hyuk gave Jay Park a rose and said, “I hope you keep this passion and host the program for a long time”.

Lee Chan Hyuk

Jay Park complained, “Isn’t it because this is my first time being an MC? That’s why you acted so weird. What I would do if you come down from the audience while I am talking? I was very flustered”. In response, Lee Chan Hyuk explained, “I wanted to show something different as the first guest of an important first episode.”

While talking about various things, such as Lee Chan Hyuk’s shaved head performance in the past as well as his unexpected appearance of “Drive”, Jay Park asked, “I wonder what you thought when doing all of that”. After thinking for a while, Lee Chan Hyuk said, “I will introduce myself first”.

Lee Chan Hyuk

Jay Park continued to praise Lee Chan Hyuk, saying “I heard people say Lee Chan Hyuk has GD disease. I think you’ve made great attempts to break that prejudice”. In response, Lee Chan Hyuk smiled and said, “He’s the type of person who says anything he wants in a way that makes people like him”, adding, “If you feel bad about that, then I’m a weird person”.

Source: daum

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