Lee Byung-hun’s sister Lee Ji-an shares, “My brother was misunderstood as a Filipino while people called me a Western mixed-blood beauty”

Lee Ji-an mentioned her brother Lee Byung-hun on “Miracle Habit”.

Lee Ji-an appeared on TV Chosun’s entertainment program “Miracle Habit” on July 5th.

Son Bum-soo welcomed Lee Ji-an and introduced her as Lee Byung-hun’s sister. Releasing a childhood photo taken with her brother Lee Byung-hun, Lee Ji-an said, “My skin is white while my brother has tanned skin. That’s why he was misunderstood as a Filipino, and I was misunderstood as a Western mixed-blood beauty”. In response, Son Heon-soo laughed and said, “Lee Byung-hun has now become a dragon, right?”.

lee byung hun
lee byung hun

Former Miss Korea Lee Ji-an said “Now, I want to be a healthy beauty and live a long and healthy life” then revealed that she has kept a healthy body for the past 26 years. 

On the same day, Lee Ji-an’s house was also unveiled. Her fancy house with a modern and trendy interior caught the eyes of netizens. 

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