Leaked military photo of Park Bo Gum: Knet praise on his handsomeness even though the mask covers his face!

Park Bo Gum’s latest photos in uniform revealed.

Through theqoo network forum in South Korea on September 9, the image of actor Park Bo Gum in the military was released outside. In the publicity photo, the 1993-born star wears a well-dressed uniform and mask while shooting with a group of Navy recruits. Park Bo Gum has reportedly enlisted at the Naval Education Command in Jinhae, Changwon, South Gyeongsang Province since August 31. It’s been more than a week since he entered the training facility, “away” from showbiz. Therefore, fans are really excited to see that Park Bo Gum is still healthy in the early stages of serving the country. This is also considered an opportunity for Park Bo Gum to work out, learn more experience and develope gradually. Park Bo Gum will be admitted to Navy 669 training and receive basic training for 6 weeks. Currently, basic naval training is 5 weeks including enlistees, but the training period will be extended to 6 weeks starting on August 31. 

Here are some of the netizens’ feedback on his latest image:

“Park Bo Gum looks great in military uniform.

Well, all the soldiers were wearing masks during training. The world has really changed.

Bo Gum, I miss you!

You can’t hide yourbeauty behind your mask.

I wish you all the best in your military service and return safely. 

Bo Gum, we’ll be waiting for you while we watch your new movie.

Bo Gum, your movie is good. Don’t worry. We’ll wait for you to come back. 

He looked beautiful while still wearing his uniform and covered in a mask.’

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