LE SSERAFIM want to be a team who loves their job and lasts for a long time

Members of girl group LE SSERAFIM discuss their aspirations in a recent interview.

Rising K-Pop girl group LE SSERAFIM has been making waves in the industry with their powerful and impactful albums. Their unique style and charisma have left fans curious about what else they have to offer. In a recent interview, the members shared their thoughts on their strengths and goals, as well as their desire to try out different concepts.


One of the strengths that the members pride themselves on is their performances and chemistry on stage. They practice tirelessly for every performance, regardless of the concept, and want to showcase their individual charms. According to Kazuha, depending on who stands in the center, the atmosphere of their stages can range from cute, to cool and charismatic, adding to the group’s versatility.

LE SSERAFIM’s willingness to take on different concepts is another strength that sets them apart from other groups. As member Huh Yun Jin explained, through their preparation for various year-end stages, they gained the confidence that they can give their best no matter what concept they are given. The group’s chemistry and diverse charms also contribute to their ability to adapt to different styles.


In addition to their music activities, member Kim Chae Won recently made her debut on a new variety show called “HMLYCP”. The female singer expressed her excitement for the opportunity to showcase her entertainment skills and hopes to take on more challenges in the future.

Ultimately, LE SSERAFIM’s goal is to have a positive influence on their fans and leave a lasting impression. The girl group strive to share their honest stories through their music and performances and to provide fans with energy and motivation. As member Hong Eun Chae shared, hearing fans say that LE SSERAFIM’s music energizes them and makes them smile provides the best motivation for the group.“We want to become a team that loves this job and lasts for a long time“, they also confessed.


In conclusion, LE SSERAFIM is a talented and versatile group with a great passion for music and a desire to inspire their fans. With their unique charms and willingness to try new things, the girl group is sure to continue making an impact in the K-pop industry.

Source: Daum

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