LE SSERAFIM shows off their chemistry and charm in newly launched variety show “LENIVERSE” 

LE SSERAFIM has launched their own variety show “LENIVERSE”. 

Rookie girl group LE SSERAFIM released the first episode of their new variety show “LENIVERSE” on the group’s official YouTube channel at 8 pm KST on August 10th. “LENIVERSE” is a compound word of “LE SSERAFIM” and “Universe”, which means a parallel universe of LE SSERAFIM where they escape from reality and explores new things.

“LENIVERSE” includes discovery, experience, games, and reality. The members are expected to show off their fun sides and enjoyable chemistry while challenging various fields. In addition, this is the first time LE SSERAFIM has dropped regular entertainment content since their debut, so fans are showing enthusiastic response. 

In the first episode, the members looked for the key to enter LENIVERSE. They naturally divided the roles, and succeeded in opening the door by working together. However, before they could enjoy the sense of accomplishment, new individual missions were assigned to each member, and their confused reactions aroused laughter.

From Kim Chae Won, who actively seeked out a way, to Sakura, who maintained her unique calmness, Heo Yunjin who was flustered when she was alone, Kazuha who realized she is alone and started looking for the members, and Hong Eunchae who adapted to the environment without fear, the members’ real personalities were all unveiled.

Sakura, who has a knack for games, was the first to find the key and managed to escape from the room, but the first episode ended with a scene where the other members couldn’t figure out a clue, raising curiosity about next week’s episode of “LENIVERSE”.

LE SSERAFIM has presented a variety of entertainment contents such as “LE SSERAFIM Company”, “FIM LOG” showing each member’s daily life, and “DAY OFF” showing a vacation after they wrapped up debut promotions. The newly launched variety show “LENIVERSE” is an upgraded form of regular content and will be released every Wednesday at 8 PM KST on LE SSERAFIM’s official YouTube channel.

Source: daum

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