LE SSERAFIM shows off their amazing entertainment skills in the new content ‘LE SSERAFIM Company”

Girl group LE SSERAFIM revealed their unexpected sense of entertainment.

LE SSERAFIM Company”, which released the first episode on July 19th, created a sensation with its fresh concept. In “LE SSERAFIM Company”, which tells an imaginary office story, each member impressed fans with the unique characters they played and their passionate acting. In particular, the youngest member Hong Eun-chae was the director of LE SSERAFIM Company, while leader Kim Chae-won transformed into an intern, drawing attention. Huh Yun-jin was immersed in her role as an employee who loves hiking and always brings all kinds of hiking gear in her bag. Kazuha turned into a manager who likes saying buzzwords like “Working late again”, drawing laughter. The last member Sakura, who appeared as a ‘game addict’ assistant manager, burst into laughter as she was amazed by the members who were acting too seriously with their concept.

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Fans were able to see the members become fully immersed in their skit in the second episode of “LE SSERAFIM Company”, which was released on July 23rd. In this video, an in-house position change meeting was carried out, and the members decided to play the “ladder game” in a fair and thrilling way. With their positions changed after the “ladder game”, they held a meeting to come up with new ideas for LE SSERAFIM’s new content. Various ideas, including bungee jumping, going for a walk and taking pictures, enduring the sauna for a long time, hiking, and opening a ballet class, were mentioned at the meeting.

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At the end of the second episode, a special clip of the song “The Great Mermaid” from their debut album “FEARLESS”, which was released in May, was revealed. In the video planned and produced by LE SSERAFIM, the members lip-synced to their song with serious expressions and eyes in the ordinary space of the office and added unexpected scenes to make fans laugh. The special clip ended with a group dance that expressed the theme “mermaid” in the title of their song.

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Meanwhile, LE SSERAFIM is expanding their fandom by introducing their own contents with different formats and compositions, such as the entertainment content “LE SSERAFIM Company”, Vlog “FIM LOG”, reality program “DAY OFF”, etc. 

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