Late Choi Jin-sil’s daughter Choi Joon-hee exposes a malicious comment and gives a firm response

Choi Joon-hee, daughter of the late actress Choi Jin-sil, responded intensely to malicious comments.

Choi Joon-hee posted a screenshot on her Instagram Story on June 10th. She screenshotted a malicious comment on her Instagram post.

The malicious commenter said to Choi Joon-hee, “So this is how someone with no mother and father becomes…”

choi jun hee

Choi Joon-hee responded by adding the song “If you hate me” and the caption ”~^^” in the post she exposed the malicious comment. 

choi jun hee

Meanwhile, Choi Joon-hee drew attention by announcing the cancellation of her exclusive contract with YBloom on the 6th of last month, three months after she signed it. 

choi jun hee

In this regard, she expressed her position through SNS, “Rather than saying my dream of becoming an actress has failed, I think there are still many things I want to do. I might have received more attention because I’m the daughter of my mother but I don’t think I’m that passionate about this job yet.”

Source: wikitree

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