Kwang-hee “GD, contacted me 2 years ago…I can’t call back at dawn because I’m afraid it’ll be annoying” 

Radio Star’ Kwang-hee revealed his relationship with Big Bang’s G-Dragon.

MBC’s ‘Radio Star‘, which aired on the night of the 25th, featuring Kwanghee, Hwang Sookyung, Joo Woojae, and BamBam.

On this day, Kwang-hee said of G-Dragon, who he had a relationship with in ‘Infinite Challenge’ in the past, “I haven’t been able to contact him for two years. But suddenly, on my birthday last year, my manager asked me to look at SNS, so I saw it, and he posted happy birthday. I was very moved.”

kwanghee radio star

Along with this, Kwang-hee said, “I didn’t even contact him at first. I was very happy when he called. I told him to stay in touch.”

Then, he confessed, “I got a call a few days later, but I couldn’t answer it because I was sleeping at dawn. But I couldn’t call back the next day.

Joo Woo-jae asked, “I called with courage, but what if I have the same personality as Kwang-hee?”

kwanghee radio star

Regarding this, Kwang-hee revealed his meticulous personality, saying, “I want to meet you, but I couldn’t meet you?”

Hwang Soo-kyung, who heard this, agreed, “I don’t know if the MBTI is right, but Kwang-hee and I are all the same except I and E.”

Source: Daum

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