Krystal’s birthday attendance surprised fans with a unexpected guest: ADOR’s CEO Min Heejin still keeps in touch after SM 

Singer and actress Krystal boasted a special friendship with CEO Min Hee-jin.

krystal min hee jin

On the 26th, Krystal posted a series of pictures on her Instagram, celebrating her birthday with close friends. The photos showed the actress blowing out candles and making various poses in front of the camera. 

In the said photos, Min Hee-jin, CEO of ADOR, was also spotted wearing a cap and posing a V-sign, drawing attention. Before moving to ADOR under HYBE, Min Hee-jin was an art director for SM Entertainment in the past working with numerous SM groups such as SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet and f(x), to which Krystal was a member. 

Though Hee-jin left SM and is working as the representative of ADOR where she formed the new hit group NewJeans, she still keeps a close friendship with Krystal, which melted fans for their strong bond.

krystal min hee jin

Currently, Krystal is giving much focus on developing herself as an actress and goes by her real name Jung Soo-jung. Jung Soo-jung recently appeared in the KBS2 drama “Crazy Love” and is set to appear in the movie “Spider House.”


Source: Nate

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