What “divorced” Angela Baby said in the Chinese version of “Heart Signal”

Chinese star Angela Baby drew attention after making ambiguous remarks on the program she was starring in.

Angela Baby, who is appearing as a panel member of the 5th season of “Heart Signal” Chinese version, recently said in a broadcast, “The longer you are alone, the harder it is for you to date,” adding, “Everyone have their own things to get used to in life. We get used to each other when we’re in a relationship, but we can’t get used to (the situation) after we suddenly broke up,” she said.

angela baby

Angela Baby then said, “When I get used to being alone after a long time, I’m afraid of starting a new love. The longer I spend alone, the harder it is to start a new relationship,” she said, drawing sympathy from other panels.

In addition, Angela Baby advised, “Don’t try to change your opponent,” adding, “It’s best to run slowly to each of your own rhythms. If you try to change the other person, the conflict will explode one day.”


Angela Baby, a Chinese actress and broadcaster, drew attention by having a super-luxury wedding with actor Huang Xiaoming, who is 12 years older than her, in 2015. Angela Baby gave birth to a son in 2017, two years after their wedding. However, the couple announced their divorce in January this year.

“Heart Signal,” starring Angela Baby, is an entertainment program remade from Channel A’s “Heart Signal” and is loved by hundreds of millions of local viewers.

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