Kris Wu’s social media accounts suddenly got hacked and renamed

New activities on Kris Wu’s social media accounts were allegedly done by a hacker. 

Earlier this week, netizens noticed Kris Wu’s official social media accounts including his Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and TikTok suddenly got hacked and renamed to Ace Lee Simon or Lee Simon. Kris Wu’s previous profile pictures were changed to a drawing of a man wearing a cap, and his cover photo was changed to a picture of a car. 

On Kris Wu’s Twitter account, which is now locked, the hacker pinned a Tweet, saying, “The user of the account has been changed. Please handle it yourself if you mind”. In particular, the hacker even posted this with a fanart that is said to be TXT’s Yeonjun.

Meanwhile, Kris Wu has been detained by police since July 2021, after he was accused of raping and sexually harassing multiple women, including minors. Earlier in June of this year, he was tried for alleged rape and other charges in Beijing, China. The former entertainment star is at risk of spending between three and ten years in prison.

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