Kris Wu’s assets continues to be frozen due to debt evasion 

A year after his career-ruining scandal, Kris Wu still hasn’t paid up the compensation for damages he caused to various brands and production teams. 

On September 7th, Sina reported that the court of Beijing has ordered Kris Wu’s assets at his company, which amounts to 13,31 million Chinese yuan (1.9 million USD), to be frozen. These assets include Kris Wu’s bank account, stocks, and capitals, and the frozen period is expected to last from 1 to 3 years. 

According to Sina, the order was carried out following the lawsuit of cosmetic brand Kans, who claimed that Kris Wu haven’t compensated them for financial damages they suffered after the idol-actor’s scandal. Meanwhile, Sohu revealed that not only Kans, but also various other brands and production teams that used to work with Kris Wu, are all struggling from the lack of compensation.

Kris Wu finally stood trial

It has been a year since Kris Wu was arrested on suspicion of rape, but the former Kpop idol still remains silent against financial lawsuits and makes no move to compensate his former partners. According to Sohu, brands and investors currently have no method to get their money back. Kris Wu’s companies have all ceased business, while his family completely vanished. Several sources even claimed that Kris Wu’s mother has left the country after handling Kris Wu’s case and taking care of her son’s trial and sentence.

Therefore, affected brands had no other choice but to take things to court, and prior to Kans, household appliance company Vatti already filed a lawsuit, demanding for the male star’s assets to be frozen.

Sina revealed that the total compensation that Kris Wu owed affected brands and production teams can rake up to 77 million USD. Among those, 15 brands have ended their partnership with the star before contract expiration. 

Kris Wu

Kris Wu was arrested in July 2021, after accusations of rape towards minors. On June 10, 2022, the People’s Court of Chaoyang District finally announced the trial of Kris Wu for charges of rape and further promiscuous activities. The trial was held in private to protect the victims’ identities, and Kris Wu’s initial sentence was not announced. 

Source: Zing

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