Kpop groups that grab attention with an empty leader position 

Kpop groups with no group leader nor clear group division catch attention for various reasons.  


Recently, netizens are being noisy when the ADOR’s NewJeans officially affirms they do not have seperate positions namely leader, main vocal, main dancer, main rapper nor main visual. When they have a new idea, they usually communicate with one another to produce a desirable result. Therefore, who leads the group is not the primary concern. Moreover, the members are all multitalented, so they all take charge at different positions when suitable. 


Ever since their debut, BLACKPINK is among the top generation 3 K-pop idols. Although they have no official leader for the group, the members all have dynamic artistic activities and evenly distributed opportunities. 

The group decides there will be no leader in the group because they only see one another as close siblings on equal footing. Even when they are off the music race, these idols still “roam” across diverse working areas. Therefore, their upcoming comeback promises to be a worldwide phenomenon. 

NCT Dream

During their early years, NCT Dream received attention from the wider public as they are an SM group with no particular attention to fixed group formation nor announcement on that matter. When the members are old enough to “graduate”, they will switch to another unit. Therefore, the company decides they will not need to vote for a group leader.

In July 2020, SM terminated NCT Dream’s graduation system. Specifically, the male group will keep the name “NCT Dream” and function similarly to NCT U (meaning there will be no fixed members and they will change according to comeback seasons). Up until now, they still do not have an official leader. 


In the old days, KARD was the talk of the town as a rare co-ed group in the industry. They also agree not to vote for a leader, believing that every member has leadership qualities. After a hiatus period, KARD is preparing for their upcoming return. 


iKON originally had B.I. as the leader and main producer of the group. However, in June 2019, the male idol left iKON due to his 2016 scandal that dragged on to 2019. Ever since, the group leader position is left vacant. 


Similar to iKON, 2PM did have a complete group formation, led by Jay Park. However, after his leaving the group due to personal scandal, the idol group promotes with 6 members and does not vote for another leader. 


After the DUI (driving under the influence) scandal, leader Im Youngmin left AB6IX, prompting changes within the group. Up to now, the group promotes with 4 members without a leader position. 

Though the group leader position is often hailed to be important, a group can still function smoothly without one. However, a majority of fans are worried if this lack of leadership will be a source of trouble. However it is the group members’ effort to collaborate that ensures fans they will be fine. 

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