Korea’s male news announcer became a hot topic for breakdancing in the middle of the news

A male news announcer from MBC attracted attention for his witty way of conducting news. 

On the May 17th broadcast of MBC’s “News Today”, the SNSD member Hyoyeon and her first mini-album “DEEP” was introduced during the cultural and entertainment plus section. 

It was then that the MBC announcer Jung Young Han suddenly started dancing while broadcasting live news, while ‘DEEP’ played in the background.  After showing off some rather eye-catching gestures and dancing moves, the announcer straightened out his breathing and continued as if normal. 

Jung Young-han

This is not the first time Jung Young Han took the audience by surprise with his breakdancing, as he vibed to PSY’s “Gangnam Style” in a recent broadcast. In the past, this male announcer also accurately slayed the choreography of BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That”, while congratulating the group for surpassing 1.1 billion YouTube views on their dance performance video. 

Jung Young-han
Jung Young-han

Some netizens on the Korean forum Theqoo found Young Han’s antics to be extremely fun, and wrote comments like “I’m more surprised about the dance than the news”, “It’s Jung Young Han and his moves again”, “It’s really funny”, and “I think you should go to the entertainment industry soon”. 

Source: Wikitree

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