Korean netizens are in love with JooE’s body: Long legs, slim waist, and perfect body proportions

Instead of paying attention to JooE’s increasingly beautiful appearance, Korean netizens seem to care more about her perfect body proportions

JooE not only had a significant improvement in appearance, but she also made people fall in love with her with a perfect body, long legs, and slim waist.

On March 21, MOMOLAND officially released the new song “I’m So Hot” of their 5th mini album “Show Me” on the stage of M! Countdown. MOMOLAND’s new song is said to have a lively rhythm and a catchy and addictive melody.

MOMOLAND on today’s M! Countdown stage

Besides the outstanding beauty of “mixed-race angels” Nancy and Yeonwoo, JooE is also noticed by the netizens. Recently, JooE is getting more and more beautiful, surprising all her fans. This comeback, JooE also quickly became the focus of attention thanks to the impressive multicolored hair. However, the netizens was a bit disappointed when JooE revealed a not so pretty look on the way to Music Bank.

The proportion of JooE’s body makes people fall in love.

However, it seems that the netizens no longer care about JooE‘s appearance. Instead, her body is what makes people fall in love with her. On the March 22 M! Countdown stage, JooE is not only impressed by the youthful high tied hair but also showing off her long legs and slim waist. Wearing a crop top, JooE received many complimented from the netizens about her perfect body proportions.

She looks extremely charming on stage.
Earlier, JooE was also noticed by her long legs.

Many people said JooE’s image was similar to Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. The netizens did not forget to leave positive comments about this latest appearance of JooE:

  • Wow now I know JooE has such a beautiful body.
  • Her face is cute but her body is completely opposite. JooE looked so different lately.
  • Her legs are so long, the proportion of her body is perfect.
  • The song is I’m So Hot, so I see all the members are hot.
  • Because of the odd choreography, no one knows JooE’s body is that beautiful.

Perhaps because JooE was labeled “the ugliest idol in history”, people used to mock at her appearance before knowing that she also has such a beautiful body. Perhaps after I’m So Hot promotion period, there will be more fans who love JooE’s body.

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