Shocking before – after photos showing the visuals of YG artists, did your idols use to look like that?

Fans will be surprised with the change of before – after in this series of photos from idols.

With the big difference in the appearance of Kpop idols, fans have to constantly turn around when watching the ‘portraits’ of the idols they love from the past.

Except for some idols with a consistent appearance that do not differ too much before becoming idols, most often go through a transformation which was so big that it was ‘unrecognizable’ after being chosen by the company as an idol.

Changing images (both in the sense of appearance or personal style orientation) from past images, of course, is part of the work of management companies. Turning the trainees into a more beautiful idol with a personal style can lead to conquering the audience, which explains why the idols look like completely new people after receiving the transformation of the management company.

If you are a fan of YG artists, it’s sure that you will be surprised with the change in images of idols that you often admire after joining YG

Lisa – BlackPink

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