Korean actor with the cleanest record: even more handsome than Kang Dong Won in his 40s? 

Despite having been active for over 2 decades, this Korean actor has never faced any scandal 

The dream man of thousands of ladies 

Born in 1978, Go Soo entered Korean showbiz at the age of 20, and immediately gained attention with his god-like visuals, high nose bridge, and extremely expressive eyes. In fact, he’s a rare person who can be neck-to-neck with famous actor Kang Dong Won when they are in the same frame. The popularity of Go Soo during the late 90s was simply insane, with his hair style creating a trend within the era. 

Alongside from his handsomeness, Go Soo also received a lot of critical acclaim for his acting abilities. The actor can brilliantly deliver all sorts of roles in a variety of genres, leading to numerous successful works like “Jump”, “Piano”, “Marrying a Millionaire”, “Will It Snow For Christmas”, “White Night”, and “Love 911”. 

The cleanest record in the Korean acting industry, a happy family life 

According to his co-workers and producers, Go Soo is a very private person who’s also calm, quiet, and focused on his work. Even during breaks, he’d reread his script and recite his lines instead of chatting like other cast members. “It’s not like he isn’t friendly, he’s just not much of a speaker”, said director Kim Soo Ryong. In fact, Go Soo is even nicknamed “Turtle Go” for his slow and calm demeanor – something rarely seen in the fast-paced acting world. 

Throughout his 20 years of acting, Go Soo stays true to his motto of keeping his privacy and staying away from scandals. Even reporters seem to follow such a rule, as Go Soo very rarely appears on news sites. Instead, people only hear of the actors’ projects and lack of scandals, 

Go Soo married a non-celebrity woman called Kim Hye Yeon in 2012, who is 11 years younger than him and extremely gorgeous. Speaking about his wife, Go Soo said: “Right from our first meeting, I started thinking of marrying her. I was rather shy on our first dates, and in 2012, I decided that I want to be with her for the rest of our lives.” 

As of the moment, Go Soo and Kim Hye Yeon have welcomed 2 sons and a daughter, which is the only known fact about their life, since the actor keeps everything else off the camera. Away from the spotlight, Go Soo is said to be a good father, who always adores and treats his wife and children lovingly. 

Now 44 years old, Go Soo has reduced his number of works and mostly takes on roles of handsome and masculine gentlemen. Other than the short film “Bystanders which aired earlier this year”, Go Soo is set to appear in “Missing 2”, the sequel to the famous K-drama “Missing: The Other Side.”

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