Korean Actor Arrested for Drunk-Driving for the 3rd Time, Also Commit Domestic Violence?

The police recently announced the arrest of a Korean actor for drunk-driving, marking his 3rd DUI violation. 

On May 6, Nate reported that actor Park Sang-min was arrested by police, and his driver’s license was revoked on the spot. He is currently being prosecuted without detention for violating the Road Traffic Act by driving under the influence of alcohol. The police stated that the incident occurred on April 19. At that time, the police received a report from a citizen about a car illegally parked in a narrow alley, and the car owner appeared to be intoxicated. Upon investigation, the police found Park Sang-min asleep in the car. His blood alcohol content measured over 0.08%, exceeding the legal limit.

Park Sang Min

After the police announcement, Park Sang-min’s management company admitted the actor’s violation and issued an apology, saying, “Park Sang-min had a gathering with friends and drove to a secluded area to rest and sober up last month. He was then arrested by the police for violating traffic laws. Our company and Park Sang-min fully acknowledge the responsibility and have no excuses. We sincerely apologize for Park Sang-min’s concerning behavior.”

According to Nate, this is the third time Park Sang-min has been arrested for driving under the influence. The first time was in 1997 when he caused an accident and fled while intoxicated. In 2011, he was caught drunk driving in Gangnam, Seoul, and had his license suspended. Now, the actor has violated the law again, with a blood alcohol level high enough to result in the immediate revocation of his driver’s license.

Park Sang Min

Park Sang-min’s repeated offenses of drunk driving, despite the potential risks to himself and others, have caused public outrage. Many are calling for stricter penalties for his repeated violations.

The actor’s repeated drunk driving offenses have caused significant public anger.

Born in 1970, Park Sang-min has appeared in several films and dramas. Besides drunk driving, Park Sang-min has lost his reputation due to a domestic violence scandal. In 2010, he was taken to court for injuring his wife and had to pay 200,000 won ($150). Prior to this, he had been fined three times for domestic violence but continued to repeat his behavior.

Source: K14, Wikitree

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