Not Red Velvet Irene, Korea Tourism Organization introduced a virtual model that share uncanny resemblances 

The newest honorary ambassador of the Korea Tourism Organization is an AI that looks exactly like Red Velvet Irene.

On July 28th, it was reported that the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), introduced the virtual model Lizzie Yeo as their honorary ambassador. However, netizens are showing shocked reactions, as the AI eerily resembles Red Velvet member Irene

In particular, a video titled “Travel all over Korea with Lizzie!”, was published on the YouTube channel “Imagine Your Korea”, where Lizzie Yeo boasts smiles and certain face angles that would make people mistake her for the female idol.

This leads to speculations that Lizzie’s design takes inspiration from the Red Velvet member Irene. Comments on the video also seem to agree, saying things like: “I thought this was Irene…”, “Is the designer a fan of Irene?”, “What do you mean this isn’t Irene??”.

Even before debut, Irene has been known for having outstanding visuals that fit all Korean beauty standards, with her small face, large eyes, double lids, and fair skin.The moment she was announced to be a part of Red Velvet, many netizens couldn’t help but hail Irene as the “next generation goddess of SM Entertainment”. 

Irene and her outstanding visuals 

According to the KTO, Lizzie Yeo is 22 years old, and is the first virtual model to become the organization’s honorary ambassador. She has also traveled all across South Korea to promote tourism in the nation. 

With her beauty and bright energy in the video, Lizzie Yeo is expected to attract a lot of traffic to KTO’s website. 

Recent years have witnessed a noticeable rise in the use of virtual humans thanks to the rise of virtual reality technologies. In addition, AIs and virtual humans have long been a part of the online streaming community via VTubers (Virtual YouTubers) like Ironmouse and Gawr Gura. 

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