Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun were spotted enjoying a date without their children

Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun recently went on a date at an art museum.

Many famous stars have attracted keen attention by revealing how they freely enjoyed their daily lives in public places. 

Recently, Jang Dong Gun and Ko So Young also enjoyed a date at a crowded exhibition. 

On November 11th, Ko So Young released several pictures of her visit to the LA County Museum of Art on her Instagram.

The photos show Ko So Young and Jang Dong Gun walking around the exhibition hall while wearing masks and comfortable clothes. 

Ko So Young also boasted her unrivaled beauty in a photo of herself without Jang Dong Gun. She showed off her perfect appearance from the back with her long straight hair and impressive long legs.

Matching her purple top with a Chanel bag, the actress shone and gave off a luxurious atmosphere with her unique fashion sense.

Later, Ko So Young posted on her Instagram Story some cuts of her dinner. Many netizens expressed their envy toward the couple, who enjoyed a cozy date without their children.

Meanwhile, Ko So young, who turned 51 this year, and Jang Dong Gun became friends while filming movies with each other in 1998~1999 when they were in their 20s. After maintaining their friendship for a long time, the two developed into lovers and got married in 2010. The couple has one son and one daughter.

Since this top star couple has not appeared in dramas and movies in recent years, many netizens express their curiosity about the two’s whereabouts.

Since her appearance in KBS2’s drama “Ms. Perfect” in 2017, Ko So Young has been communicating with fans through Instagram.

Jang Dong Gun, who has taken a long break since the 2018 movie “Rampant”, is scheduled to make his first movie comeback in 4 years through “The Dinner” (literal title). 

Source: Insight

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