Knetizens suddenly turned to support Snowdrop after JTBC corrected all related misinformation

After a long time either being silent or just giving short statements without explanation, JTBC recently spoke out clearly and specifically about all the issues that the audience wondered about the content of Snowdrop. All controversial issues such as whether a spy leads (or participates in) the democratization movement, whether there is a love relationship between a student activist and a spy, etc. are clearly explained.


Full statement from JTBC:

  1. There are spies leading (or participating in) the democratization movement
  • JTBC: no related content from episode 1 to episode 16
  1. The spy disguised himself as a student activist and infiltrated the democratization movement.
  • JTBC: no related content from episode 1 to episode 16
  1. This is the love between a student activist and a spy
  • JTBC: The female lead (Young Ro) is not a student activist of the democratization movement
  1. History has been distorted by linking spies and democratization movements (Including the May 18 movement, the June uprising, etc.)
  • JTBC: This is not a film made against the backdrop of the democratization movement, and this is not a historical documentary about the democratization movement.
  • The film does not use the democratization movement as a backdrop for the actions of spies.
  • The cathedral was used as a meeting place for spies to defame “Myeongdong Cathedral” – the place containing the history of the democratization movement.
  • JTBC: The location of the confession scene in episode 4 Snowdrop was not filmed in Myeongdong Cathedral
  1. The spy has secretly threatened the one who has a strong influence in the South (Professor Han Yi Seop), and this is not a “contact connection” that is accepted on both sides.
  • The professor went to the cathedral to confess his sins and was revealed by the saying: “It’s been a month since I came here to confess.”
  • “The part when Lim Soo Ho calls Han Yi Seop to the confession room” or “the place for the two to contact” are completely false information.
  1. The saying of the Ministry of National Security and Public Administration: “Our comrades should protect people’s lives rather than their own” is a sentence honoring the Ministry of National Security and Public administration
  • JTBC: The sentence that follows a sudden action (shooting hurt) comes from an employee of Ahn Ki Mo – who is trying to save a colleague (a.k.a the ex-lover) in a situation that she is being hostage.
  • The sayings that came from Ahn Ki Min, the father of the heroine (Young Ro), are to hide his worries about his daughter’s safety.
  1. With production capital coming from China, the film has brought the breath of Tencent (a Chinese company).
  2. JTBC: This is not an investment aimed at specific content, and this investment does not interfere with the production direction of the drama at all.
  • Tencent invests 100 billion won in JTBC through a third party to raise allocated capital (December 29, 2020)
  • The investment contract was completed after the script had been fully produced and after the time the drama began the filming process (casting in June 2020, script reading on October 5, 2020).
  1. The scene of “playing mahjong” was rare at that time, and it was added due to the influence of China
  • JTBC: As shown in point 7, mahjong was introduced and spread to Korea through Japan during the Joseon Dynasty. There were classes of mahjong in political and legal circles in the 1980s.

Many Korean viewers unexpectedly decided to support Snowdrop given to the station’s statements, as well as the content revealed after the first five episodes. The majority of the comments demanded film rights, with some even urging JTBC to sue those who defamed the work.



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