KISS OF LIFE Draws Mixed Reactions for Risqué Scenes in New MV

The official MV for KISS OF LIFE’s “Sticky” has been garnering mixed reactions for including too many risqué scenes. 

On July 1, a topic titled “KISS OF LIFE’s new song MV with many risqué scenes” was published on the Korean forum “theqoo”, becoming viral with over 72,000 views and 900 comments.

In the topic, various snippets from KISS OF LIFE’s new MV for their latest song, “Sticky”, were attached, showing the girl group’s members in numerous risqué poses and daring choreography moves. 

As a result, the MV has also drawn mixed reactions, with many calling it too sexy while others defend the girl group, even calling them great performers.

Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • I wish they hadn’t tried to appeal to the sex appeal by wearing teen outfits. Idols have shown provocative stages before. That was their choice. Who’s badmouthing Beyonce and Rihanna??? It’s weird because they’re wearing sneakers, clothes and props that look like teenagers, and twerking. It’s a problem because it sexualizes teenagers.
  • I watched it because this went viral, and the first bicycle scene was a bit risqué, but everything else was okay? The song is good.
  • I support groups with diverse concepts like this! Doesn’t this fit well with the group?
  • They were great performers, I don’t see why people are criticizing them 
  • This kind of sexiness is actually okay. It matches the summer concept and doesn’t feel like it was created from a perverted perspective.
  • They are just a sexy adult group.. During the Y2K era, sexy female singers were more provocative than this, but it’s been a while since a sexy concept group like this has been popular.

Source: theqoo

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