Kim Yuna vs. Jisoo: Fans Clash Over Photo Order on Dior Beauty Account

“Why is Jisoo behind Kim Yuna?” vs “Who dares to touch Yuna-nim?”

There is a heated argument between fans of Kim Yuna and Jisoo on Dior Beauty’s official account. The incident began when a recent photo of the event venue was uploaded by Dior Beauty, with Kim Yuna’s photo appearing first.


In response, netizens who seem to be Jisoo’s fans are leaving angry comments in English such as, “It’s ridiculous that Jisoo’s photo is behind,” and “Show respect for Jisoo, the global ambassador.”

Of course, Kim Yuna’s fans are not taking it lightly either. They are responding with comments like, “Queen Yuna,” “How can you not know the world champion Kim Yuna!” and “She is one of the figures that should never be touched in Korea.”


There are also comments like, “Jisoo probably doesn’t even care,” “In other photos, Jisoo was in front, so it seems like an overly sensitive reaction,” and “Aren’t they overreacting to other stars for the sake of their favorite star?”

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