“Do Kyung-soo’s song on the way to work”… Kim Woo-bin maintains a strong friendship with Do Kyung-soo that even Shin Min-ah will be jealous of

Actor Kim Woo-bin showed his support for Do Kyung-soo (D.O.) (EXO) in his new film project. 

Kim Woo-bin posted a screen capture on his Instagram story on the 22nd with a caption, “Do Kyung-soo’s song on the way to work”.

In the released photo, Kim Woo-bin was seen listening to the OST “Bite” the actor sang himself  KBS 2TV drama “Bad Prosecutor” starring Kyung-soo.

kim woo bin

Woo-bin said earlier that he is an old fan and close friend of Do Kyung-soo. He often listened to EXO and Do Kyung-soo‘s songs in the past, and he also cited Do Kyung-soo’s “Rose” as his favorite song, saying, “When I exercise, I always start with Do Kyung-soo’s song and stretch with Do Kyung-soo’s song”.


Do Kyung-soo also showed off his warm friendship by sending a coffee truck to the set of Netflix’s web drama “Black Knight” starring Kim Woo-bin, in March.

Source: Nate

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