Kim Tae-ri surprised fans as she suddenly cried in her vlog’s preview

Kim Tae-ri was seen sobbing in her vlog’s preview.

In the video titled “#Kim Tae-ri ‘Is this there’ prologue release” that was uploaded on the YouTube channel “Management MMM” on May 9th, Kim Tae-ri talked about various stories including the drama “Twenty-Five Twenty-One“.

In the video, a scene in which Kim Tae-ri was crying was captured and attracted attention. Many fans expressed curiosity as Kim Tae-ri, who had been maintaining a bright appearance by blowing the flute and meeting acquaintances, sobbed behind the wheel.

Kim Tae-ri
Kim Tae-ri

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri‘s vlog “Is this there?” will be released for the first time at 6 p.m. on May 12th.


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