Kim Tae-ri shares, “PD Kim Tae-ho is my Vlog advisor… I watched my Vlog again and I think some parts were cute”

Actress Kim Tae-ri shared some behind-the-scenes stories of her collaboration with PD Kim Tae-ho.

After tvN’s drama “Twenty-five, Twenty-one” ended, Kim Tae-ri released a Vlog series called “So This is The Place?” on the Youtube channel of her agency – Management mmm to bring some fun to fans. The caption “Kim Tae-ri X Kim Tae-ho X mmm” at the end of the last episode stimulated fans and netizens’ curiosity. 

In a recent interview with Herald POP at a cafe in Sogyeok-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Kim Tae-ri talked about her friendship with PD Kim Tae-ho.

On this day, Kim Tae-ri said, “PD Kim Tae-ho was an advisor. He found people who would help me. He also helped me whenever I got stuck at any part”, adding “He saw his name on the caption and told me that he did nothing, then I told him that I was using his name.”

She continued, “I’ve never done any variety show. Why I don’t want to do it? I didn’t do variety shows because I wanted to do something with a meaning. In order to do something right away whenever I have a desire to do so, I met many PDs at my company. There was PD Kim Tae-ho, with whom I’ve maintained a good relationship.”

In addition, Kim Tae-ri said, “Filming a Vlog was so interesting. I keep all the original clips and I watched them again and again. It was so much fun. I’m one of those who liked the Vlogs.”

The actress honestly confessed, “I’m actually not a narcissist. I don’t do things like printing my pictures in big sizes and hanging them around.  Maybe it’s because I’m in a new promotion these days, but the ugliness in the Vlogs doesn’t matter to me. I even found some parts cute. There was a time when I found a bird and tried to take a picture of it but the zoom function was slow so I kept complaining and blaming the camera. It was cute. I watched it again many times”, drawing laughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae-ri’s new film “Alienoid” tells what happens when the door of times opens between the swordsmen who want to get the legendary divine sword in the Goryeo Dynasty and those who chase after alien prisoners trapped in human bodies in 2022. 

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