Kim Tae Ri – a 26-year-old beauty who made an impressive debut after beating 1500 other candidates 

Here is some information about the lead actress of the famous drama Twenty Five, Twenty One.

Kim Tae Ri was born in 1990, meaning she is currently 32 years old, but she still perfectly portrays her role as a schoolgirl in the drama Twenty Five, Twenty One. The actress is still quite unfamiliar to those who rarely watch Korean dramas, but she is surely as talented as any experienced actress.

Kim Tae Ri

Kim Tae Ri‘s debut seems to be quite late compared to many of her colleagues. After graduating from the Department of Communication and Journalism of Kyung Hee University in 2012, Kim Tae Ri started working in the technical department of a stage play team before having the chance to play a backup role in a play, followed by her participating as stage actor in some theater productions. In 2014, she officially joined J-Wide entertainment company and acted in a few commercials. 

At first, things were quite difficult for Kim Tae-ri as she auditioned for a number of movies but was all rejected. At the age of 26, Kim Tae Ri‘s career path took a turn when she had her first movie role in Handmaiden, a work of the talented director Park Chan Wook

Perhaps Kim Tae Ri herself did not anticipate the huge success that this movie would bring her. Handmaiden has become her golden debut, a huge push to bring the name Kim Tae Ri to a new level, even admired by many seniors.

Kim Tae Ri

Starting out in the acting industry by perfectly digesting such a difficult role like that of her in Handmaiden, Kim Tae Ri is thought by many to have studied acting for many years. However, as mentioned above, the actress majored in Journalism and Communication, and she has only studied acting online. To join Handmaiden, Kim Tae Ri had had to surpass 1500 opponents, which is not easy at all. 

Many people who have followed Kim Tae Ri since her early days think that Handmaiden is her best work. Indeed, although she is not the female lead, Kim Tae Ri has brought home 10 prestigious awards thanks to this work, an achievement that many dream of. Although most of them are “best rookie” awards, they come from very prestigious awards such as the Blue Dragon Awards, Buil Film, Busan Film Festival, etc.

Starting with a movie career and working mainly on the big screen, Kim Tae Ri‘s beauty is thought to be more suitable for movies, but she is also very good at acting in dramas. Her first lead role in a drama was paired with the star Lee Byung Hun in Mr. Sunshine. Surprisingly, the veteran actor and Kim Tae Ri created explosive chemistry and brought endless charm to their characters.

Kim Tae Ri does not need to be gorgeous to make people feel the pain and sadness of her characters. In her second drama Twenty Five, Twenty One, with the role of a sassy schoolgirl in 1998, Kim Tae Ri makes viewers fall in love once again. Who would have thought that that 18-year-old girl is in fact a 32-year-old woman?. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Kim Tae Ri is the soul of this work.

Starting late and rising to stardom quickly, but Kim Tae Ri did not work in a hurry to make use of her fame. The actress is quite picky and has a strange way of choosing new scripts. Looking back at the films Kim Tae Ri has acted in, people will realize that there is not a single modern film, all of them belong to the genre of early modern movies, or beyond time to the future. This hobby of choosing difficult scripts is really strange, but Kim Tae Ri chose it right as it suits her very well.

Another worth mentioning point about this actress is her ability to create chemistry with her male co-stars. Whether acting with those born in the 70s like Lee Byung Hun, in the 80s like Song Joong Ki, or in the 90s like Nam Joo Hyuk, she can make a good pair with them and create great moments. This is what makes this actress so successful, and she is more and more favored by the audience.

The last thing that’s quite funny about Kim Tae Ri is that she is also an idol fan like us. Kim Tae Ri is a fan of BTS, and she does not hide or feel shy when talking about how infatuated she is with her idol. The beauty once shared: “I use my phone all the time to watch clips of BTS”. Kim Tae Ri also boasted that she had listened to leader RM’s song Persona for a month without getting bored.

Twenty Five, Twenty One has been released and it’s a very good, fun and watchable drama. From the color of the film to the characters and the acting of the main couple, it is very fulfilling and appropriate. You will certainly not regret it at all when traveling back in time to 1998 to see the beautiful youth of the characters.

Kim Tae Ri
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