A comedian recently released a past photo, saying she met Park Eun-bin when she was young

Comedian Kim Sook released a photo she took with actress Park Eun Bin 2 decades ago.

On October 20th, Kim Sook posted a selfie she took with Park Eun Bin during her child actress days on her Instagram.

Kim Sook said, “I finished watching Extraordinary Attorney Woo late. I need season 2 right now, I’ll be a fan for the rest of my life.”

She released photos from 20 years ago and 6 years ago, respectively, with the caption, “Gagcon in 2002 -> Choco Bank in 2016 -> 2022 Successful Fan Completed”.

park eun bin

The photo taken 20 years ago shows Park Eun Bin in elementary school and Kim Sook in her 20s. The young Kim Sook and child star Park Eun Bin’s appearance are attracting attention. Their 2016 looks also draw keen attention because they look no different from their current faces.

park eun bin

In response, broadcaster Park Eunji praised her beauty by leaving a comment, “Is unnie a time traveler?”

Source: dispatch

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