Kim Soo-hyun’s Fanmeeting Issue Raises Concerns Over Fans’ Excessive Behaviors

Actor Kim Soo-hyun recently faced an unexpected situation as a fan tried to run toward the stage during his fanmeeting

On July 6th, Kim Soo-hyun held his Asia fanmeeting tour “EYES ON YOU” in Taipei, Taiwan and created many unforgettable memories with local fans. 

Kim Soo-hyun appeared in a beige jacket at the Taiwan fanmeeting. He sang an OST of tvN’s drama “Queen of Tears” and spent time playing several games with fans. However, the atmosphere was suddenly ruined due to an inappropriate action of a fan. 

In particular, a fan ran toward the stage and tried to give the actor flowers. Startled by the sudden situation, Kim Soo-hyun hurriedly stopped the fan by saying, “You shouldn’t do this”, adding, “It’s dangerous”. As some other fans also began running forward, the actor handled the situation by asking the staff to receive all the gifts and bring them to him.

This is not the first time such a situation has happened during artists’ performances. On the 7th, an audience threw a fan onto the stage in the middle of TripleS’s concert and it even hit the face of a member. TripleS recently held their fan concert “Girls Never Stop” at Samsung Hall of Ewha Womans University in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul. The concert drew enthusiastic responses from fans as it was the first event of the group as a full team with 24 members.

fanmeeting kim soo hyun

Later, a netizen admitted to throwing the fan during TripleS’s concert and said, “Everyone was throwing their slogans so I also tried to throw something”, adding “I did not intend to throw it at the members. I’m sorry for almost ruining the concert and I want to apologize to the member who got hit by the fan I threw”.

In addition, BTS’s Jin recently held a free hug event at his first fanmeeting after being discharged from the military in June, however, controversies arose as some fans tried to kiss him out of a sudden.

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