Kim Soo-hyun is arrested after waking up to his one-night-stand stabbed to death in second episode of “One Ordinary Day”

“What truth is advantageous to us?”

Coupang Play series “One Ordinary Day” tells a thrilling mystery of the humiliating selfishness of humans within 60 minutes of episode 2. The second episode of the Coupang play series One Ordinary Day, which was released at 0:00 am on November 28th, strengthens the story and tension accumulated from the first episode.

In the play, Shin Joong-han (Cha Seung-won), who was Kim Hyun-soo (Kim Soo-hyun)’s lawyer, found out that the person in charge of the case was head of the criminal team Park Sang-beom (Kim Hong-pa), who were three months before his retirement. In response, he stressed to Kim Hyun-soo, “What truth is advantageous to us?” and asked, “From now on, you won’t say anything about what happened that night.” As Kim Hyun-soo answered, “But my story… So you have to know what’s really the truth,” the lawyer warned Kim Hyun-soo, saying, “I’m obsessed with the truth so I can’t do anything.” 

In the meantime, while Shin Joong-han wasn’t there, Park Sang-beom brought in Kim Hyun-soo’s parents and brought up his confession of escaping and destroying the evidence, to prosecute Kim Hyun-soo. As the situation went bad, Kim Hyun-soo remembered his lawyer’s advice and calmly defeated Park Sang-beom. Then, as soon as Park Sang-beom tried to conclude Kim Hyun-soo as indicted, an article titled “Chrysanthemum Murder Case” was released, imprinting Kim Hyun-soo as guilty.

On the day of the warrant’s substantive inspection, Park Sang-beom made Kim Hyun-soo wear clothes of unknown meaning, and Shin Joong-han, who was speechless after seeing Kim Hyun-soo’s clothes, asked him not to say anything until he was in court. 

At the time Kim Hyun-soo moved into the court, Park Sang-beom met with Ahn Tae-hee (Kim Shin-rok) and told him a lot of circumstantial evidence to confirm that Kim Hyun-soo was the culprit. Ahn Tae-hee was showing his suspicions, but soon greeted Shin Joong-han who appeared with flowers and made a big smile. Later in court, Ahn Tae-hee, shook the court atmosphere by making a powerful statement that it was a random murder of an innocent woman.

Kim Hyun-soo, who was waiting for the result, screamed when he was confirmed to be arrested. However, he eventually got on the bus heading to the prison where he faced Park Doo-sik (Yang Kyung-won) and was engulfed in an ominous feeling. Strangely, at that time, Kim Hyun-soo raised doubts by calmly eating his rice soup. He looked around the prison and gave a fearful look, heralding a dangerous prison life.

On the other hand, director Lee Myung-woo proved his amazing directing ability to make the scenes more realistic by expressing a sense of humor that caught all the characters off guard in the middle of episode 2. He straightforwardly pointed out principles of the presumption of innocence, whose meaning has faded due to respective purposes, such as Kim Hyun-soo’s unique T-shirt that reminds viewers of ‘blame look’, provocative articles for exclusive news that attracts attention, and cases that expand even before conviction is confirmed.

Kim Soo-hyun is arrested in second episode of “One Ordinary Day”

Kim Soo-hyun expressed the despair of a vulnerable college student who wants to tell his truth but is swayed by the extreme suction power of profíts in a realistic way. Meanwhile, Cha Seung-won criticized the reporter who published the case of his client Kim Hyun-soo while comforting Hyunsoo and showing his warm side after Hyunsoo was arrested. This has surprised viewers with a suspicious twist when showing Hyunsoo eating calmly.

Moreover, Kim Shin-rok, who made a surprise appearance from episode 2, showed a different image with a sly smile when she was seen for the first time in order to penetrate Kim Hyun-soo‘s weak mentality for the winning rate. Meanwhile, Yang Kyung-won raised tension with a brutal threat that showed his villain’s face.

Kim Soo-hyun is arrested in second episode of “One Ordinary Day”

After the release of the drama, audiences gave explosive responses, such as, “The 2nd episode of One Ordinary Day was so great! Another amazing drama was born!”, “My heart was pounding the whole time while watching it. The directing, acting, and scene arrangement are all amazing!”, “I can’t trust anyone! Things are getting more mysterious! 60 minutes went by so quickly!”, “Now I know what the best meeting in 2021 is! I hope One Ordinary Day will spread widely”, “I watched it again after the first time! I might have to replay it endlessly!”, “I just can’t wait to watch episode 3! I’m waiting for 0 P.M on Saturday.”

Meanwhile, the 3rd episode of the Coupang Play series “One Ordinary Day” will be released at 0 P.M on Saturday, December 4th. A total of 8 episodes will be aired every Saturday and Sunday at 0 P.M.

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