Kim So Yeon surpasses Lee Ji Ah in new drama comebacks

Kim So Yeon puts on a new aspect of her acting performance while Lee Ji Ah sticks to a familiar role. 

After the booming success of “The Penthouse”, the series’ actresses are taking the next steps in their career. Kim So Yeon took on a new role in “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938”, while Lee Ji Ah joined the cast of “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”.

In the second season of “Tale of the Nine Tailed”, actress Kim transforms into Ryu Hong Joo, a former western mountain god turned restaurant owner of Myoyeongak, a top dining place in Gyeongseong.


To play the part, Kim So Yeon has to look the part. She is often dressed in extravagant and over-the-top outfits. The bright colors of Hong Joo’s clothes reflect Hong Joo’s quirky and eccentric personality the most. Moreover, these flamboyant clothes actually made Kim So Yeon look younger than she is.

Meanwhile, Lee Ji Ah plays Hong Tae Ra in “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise”. Hong Tae Ra is a woman with a perfect family and a rich husband. Things take a drastic turn when Tae Ra begins to regain fragments of her memory from 15 years ago, which shakes her beliefs to the core.

In luxury outfits, Lee Ji Ah is gorgeous and classy as ever. However, what makes this role underwhelming is that it is almost the same as her previous role in “The Penthouse”.

After seeing their performances on-screen, viewers are favoring So Yeon more. The actress actively tries to break away from the shadows of her past role as well as that of the female lead in the first season of the drama. So Yeon challenges her acting skills by portraying an unfamiliar character – a sharp, but no less witty, mountain spirit. So Yeon charms viewers with the action scenes that she takes part in as well as the chemistry she has with Lee Dong Wook.

Lee Ji Ah

On the other hand, Lee Ji Ah was slightly less remarkable because she stuck too much to her previous image. Furthermore, in some scenes, the audience was underwhelmed by her stiff expressions and the lack of flexibility depending on the mood of a scene.

The difference in performance reflects clearly through the dramas’ received ratings. While “Tale of the Nine Tailed 1938” has been consistent with its viewership rating, “Pandora: Beneath the Paradise” struggled to garner new viewers and ended with an average viewership.

Source: dienanh

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