Kim Seon-ho to make his first official appearance in public 9 months after his private life controversy at “Touching the Void” press call

Actor Kim Seon-ho will appear in front of reporters for the first time in 9 months since his private life scandal through the press call for the play “Touching the Void”.

Kim Seon-ho will attend the press call for the play “Touching the Void”, which will be held in Daehak-ro on July 20th.

In addition to Kim Seon-ho, Shin Sung-min, Lee Hwi-jong, Lee Jin-hee, Oh Jung-taek, Jung Hwan, Cho Joo, and Jung Ji-woo will also attend the event to present a stage demonstration and talk about their work with reporters.

“Touching the Void” is a play that depicts the fear when being trapped in a huge snow mountain with snowstorms facing the harsh nature and the fighting spirit of overcoming your own fear in life. Kim Seon-ho plays a character isolated in the snow mountain due to a distress accident.

This press call will mark Kim Seon-ho’s first official appearance in 9 months since he was embroiled in a private life controversy. Attention is focused on what Kim Seon-ho will talk about when meeting with reporters.

Earlier in October last year, Kim Seon-ho was embroiled in controversies related to his private life related to his ex-girlfriend A. He admitted his fault, saying “I hurt her. I want to apologize sincerely”. In response, A also edited her revelation article, saying “I received his apology and I think there was a misunderstanding between us”.

After the controversy, Kim Seon-ho suspended his activities by dropping out of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “2 Days & 1 Night”, movies “Dog Days” and “2 O’Clock Date”. Later, he confirmed his appearance in the movie “Sad Tropical”. As the movie started filming in December of the same year, Kim Seon-ho is reportedly preparing for his return on the screen. 

On May 7th, Kim Seon-ho confessed his feelings through a fancafe post, saying, “Wondering whether it’s too late or how to start, I’m really nervous and worried”, adding “There were times when time seemed to have stopped and a day felt as long as a month and even a year. There were also times when I found it hard to calm down because of my heavy emotions while trying to catch up with the time that was ahead of my mind”.

The actor apologized to fans, saying “I think many of you also suffered the same because of me”, adding “I’m really sorry and I want to apologize for making you suffer such a hard time due to my insufficiency”. Lastly, he said, “Isn’t it hard to recover when your heart has already hurt once? I feel so sorry that I left a scar that is hard to heal in the hearts of people who have supported me”.

Source: dispatch

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