Kim Seon Ho decided to not appear in K-drama “Haesi’s Shinru” after discussions 

On March 16th, an official from Kim Seon Ho’s agency, Salt Entertainment, told media outlet OSEN, “We discussed the appearance of actor Kim Seon Ho in ‘Haesi’s Shinru’, but ultimately reached an agreement with the production company that Kim Seon Ho won’t be joining.”

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On the other hand, “Haesi’s Shinru” is a historical romance drama set during the reign of Kim Sejong. The series revolves around the story of the Crown Prince Lee Hyang, who is a genius scientist that loves stars, as well as his relationship with Hae Ru, a mysterious woman who can see the future. 

“Haesi’s Shinru” is adapted from a web novel of the same name, and its author, Yoo Yi Soo, will be in charge of the script. As Yoon Yi Soo is the original author of “Love in the Moonlight”, the original work and drama have received great anticipation from fans.

In the meantime, Kim Seon Ho was previously offered the role of the male protagonist Lee Hyang. At the time, his agency stated that they were “reviewing the project.”

Source: Daum

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