Kim Se-jeong shared, “I’m happy that everything goes well… Please keep looking forward to me and believe that I will improve even more”

Kim Se-jeong, who is solidifying her position in the entertainment industry as a singer and actress, has expanded her acting area with the recently ended drama “Business Proposal”.

In an interview to commemorate the end of “Business Proposal”, Kim Se-jeong expressed her feelings about her current situation when she is doing so well, saying, “I feel happy rather than being burdened”.

“I’m happy to sing and act. I will continue to challenge this and that in the future, so I will not decide on any particular move. ‘Movie’ is the field I haven’t tried. I would like to try acting in a musical movie. If I don’t get any casting offer, I will find one and audition for it”, she said.

Kim Se Jeong

Kim Se-jeong, who is known to the public mainly for her easy-going and friendly image, showed a girlish vibe when playing Shin Ha-ri in “Business Proposal”. The actress mentioned “realistic” as a criterion when choosing a drama.  In fact, Kim Se-jeong has selected comic-based works 3 times in a row, from OCN’s “The Uncanny Counter”, “Business Proposal” to her next work “Today’s Webtoon”, with characters that are friendly and can be seen around in daily life. She shared, “First, I think I have a cheerful image like comic characters. But I put more emphasis on the ‘realistic’ value. Even if my character already has a strong personality, I want it to be relatable in daily life. That’s the standard I’m going to keep”.

The “realistic” part mentioned by Kim Se-jeong can also be seen in “Business Proposal”. Although the drama tells a Cinderella story of a love between a chaebol and an ordinary girl, the ‘realistic’ character Shin ha-ri drew favorable responses from the viewers. Many people even praised “Business Proposal” and Shin Ha-ri as the best drama and character in Kim Se-jeong’s career. Regarding this, she said, “It’s definitely one of the best dramas in my life. It’s not common to witness such visible success in my life”.

Kim Se Jeong

Regarding the unexpected success of “Business Proposal”, Kim Se-jeong said, “I was even happier because we all achieved this together, not just thanks to one person’s efforts. I felt so thankful to see the result right after working hard. I will take this as a motivation to work harder”.

Kim Se-jeong described her meeting with Ahn Hyo-seop, Kim Min-kyu and Seol In-ah in this drama as a “miracle”. She also shared some behind-the-scenes stories, saying, “We played around with each other comfortably on the filming set. I was really excited to film the scenes in which four of us gathered together. These scenes are really precious”. Kim Se-jeong did not forget to show her respect for veteran actor Lee Deok-hwa and other seniors. She said, “I want to become a great actor like Lee Deok-hwa sunbaenim”, adding, “I could see senior actors are still so passionate about acting. I want to grow older as a person who shines brightly”.

Playing one of the important roles in the work, Kim Se-jeong said her sense of responsibility has grown. She shared, “I learned that every moment is just a part of the whole process”, adding, “ My previous work and activities drew attention again after ‘Business Proposal’ became a hot topic. I realized that this moment would not have existed without the past”. 

Kim Se Jeong

“I hope people who watch me on the screen won’t judge me only by the results. Even if the results are not good, I would be very happy if they could see how Kim Se-jeong has grown from her previous work. Please keep looking forward to me and believe that I will grow and improve more”, Kim Se-jeong shared.

Lastly, she said, “I’m a very lucky person. Whenever I was about to collapse, people gave me happy moments. That’s how I gain my confidence to work hard in order to not be ashamed of myself. Thanks to everyone, I’m not afraid of my choice. I’m confident that I’ll do well in my future activities. I will come back not only as a singer but also as an actress. I’m quite impatient, so I want to show you more as soon as possible.”

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