Kim Nam-gil to be back on the small screen and play Korea’s first profiler in the investigation drama “Through the Darkness”

The trustworthy actor Kim Nam-gil is making a comeback.

SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Through the Darkness”, which will premiere at 10 P.M on January 14th, 2022, tells the story of Korea’s first profiler, who has to fiercely look into the minds of serial killers when the number of motivational murders suddenly surges. It is expected to be a well-made psychological-crime investigation drama presented by the genre master SBS.

Kim Nam-gil Through the Darkness

On December 10th, the production team of “Through the Darkness” released still cut of the main character played by Kim Nam-gil, raising the viewers’ high expectations. In this drama, Kim Nam-gil takes on the male lead role Song Ha-young.

Song Ha-young is a Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s criminal behavior analysis team member. Although he seems emotionless, he becomes the first profiler in Korea who can look deeper into humans’ minds than anyone else.

Kim Nam-gil Through the Darkness

In the released photo, Kim Nam-gil appears to be in the middle of an investigation of a criminal case. Especially, Kim Nam-gil’s strong expression attracted keen attention. His emotionless expression reveals him to be a ơerson who does not seem to reveal feelings easily rather than causing a heavy atmosphere. Looking at his cold eyes, we can recognize his sharp and cool-headed appearance of a person who can see through everything. Above all, the achromatic outfit that Song Ha-young is wearing makes audiences question his psychology in the drama.

Kim Nam-gil Through the Darkness

The production team of “Through the Darkness” said, “Our drama centers around Kim Nam-gil. With his excellent acting skill and presence, Kim Nam-gil portrays the complicated personality of Song Ha-young perfectly. Not only that, he always takes care of junior and senior actors as well as staff at the filming set, showing himself as a good example. Please pay more attention and look forward to the performance of actor Kim Nam-gil, who will lead drama ‘Through the Darkness’.”

Kim Nam-gil showed opposite atmospheres of loneliness and sharpness, even though it was only a still cut. Meanwhile, “Through the Darkness” will be aired after “Now, We Are Breaking Up” ends.

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